Tips & Tricks | How to Clean Your Glass Roof

clean conservatory roof with blue sky in background

Cleanliness isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity for living a healthy lifestyle. There are many health hazards recorded as a result of having a dirty environment, most of which might have been avoided if only a normal cleaning routine had been in practice. The benefits of living in a clean environment…

How to Clean uPVC Windows

UPVC windows are widely used and preferred by most people because it offers high thermal comfort as well as being extremely durable, long-lasting, and a great sound insulator. But even extremely durable products need proper cleaning to prevent damage and make them last longer.

How to clean your conservatory roof

Like the other parts of the roof in your home, the conservatory roof needs to be regularly cleaned, especially after a change of season. However, due to its nature, the process of cleaning it is different from that of the other roof types. So, to get your conservatory roof to look…

Cool conservatory ideas for the summer

Summer has arrived as well as the heat from the sun, that may cause you problems with your conservatory unless you prepare to counter it. As long as you do the following steps, you’ll be spending quality time in the conservatory during the warm summer conditions – making for a great…

Window decoration ideas

They say that windows are the eyes to the soul of the house (or is it the eyes are the windows to the soul?). Whichever way we put it, windows are one of the immediate things we notice when we pass by a house.

Why Composite Doors are the Best Choice for your House

**Updated 07/05/2018*** The below article is one of our favourites so we decided to add some more images of composite doors courtesy of Images will be up very soon. What are composite doors? Composite doors are the latest in door manufacturing trends. They take the best bits from various other methods…

Front Door Decoration Ideas

As a new season beckons, it’s time to decorate your home to ring in spring and it all starts with your front door. You can choose wreaths, twigs or berries, or a collection of fruits and vegetables or fresh flowers from your garden to give your front door a fresh look.