What is a UPVC Window?

Cross section of uPVC windows

If you’re in the process of changing the windows in your home or have moved somewhere new and are looking at glazing options, you may have come across UPVC windows before. UPVC tends to be one of the most affordable window installation solutions, though that doesn’t make it any less durable…

Creative Ways to Enjoy Your Conservatory

Dinning room in conservatory

A conservatory is likely to be one of the most flexible and attractive extensions you can fit in your property. A genuine asset to any home looking to make the most of the sunshine and garden spaces, there is unlikely to be a better way to enjoy the warmer months than…

How to Stay Cool in Your Home This Spring

Summer in House

We’re sure you’re looking forward to experiencing some warmer weather then winter brought us! However, spring can become a very hot month, and sometimes it can become a little too warm to be comfortable. There are, however, there are some steps you can take to help keep your home cool this…

Reasons To Purchase Double Glazing Windows

double glazed window in conservatory

Spring has finally sprung, and for millions of us, that means taking advantage of the sunshine.  Yes – even though Britain often struggles to get good weather at the best of times, you should always make the most of it. When it comes to appreciating the changing seasons from inside your…

How do Bi-fold Doors Fare in Winter?

bi fold doors in dining room

Benefits Of Bi-Fold Doors Dark nights, dark mornings, snow, cold and bouts of flu. Don’t you just love the winter! Stuck in-between last summer and next summer, those warm nights in the garden, enjoying that indoor/outdoor living seems like a distant memory.

Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Dining room table and chairs in modern conservatory

How Can A Conservatory Keep Your Whole House Warm During summer, the conservatory is the best place to be because it is spacious and provides light which makes it a good place for relaxation. It is a good place to entertain guests. Although, during the winter, a conservatory can be a…