Composite Doors


Replacing your exterior door is often a very difficult decision to make. However, with Northants Windows, we will help you choose your door to the specification that you want using the highest quality materials and years of expertise. Create a lasting impression with a Northants Windows composite door entrance.

What is a Composite Door?

There is a diverse selection of styles and options of external that you can install in your home, however, they are not all built into the same standards of quality and security as a composite door. There are several reasons for the differences in door quality – from the materials they use, to the overall design and choosing a door made of poor materials and with a cheap design can leave your home exposed to threats.

Composite trade door

A Composite Door Entrance has many Benefits

We understand that everyone wants something different and we all have individual styles; a Northants Windows’s composite door not only reflects your individual style but also keeps your home safe and secure. The doors are expertly designed to retain heat and eliminate any draughts. We understand that security and strength are paramount, that’s why we have multiple locks available on our composite doors. Composite rear and front doors have a high resistance to withstanding weather conditions and will not respond to seasonal changes like a standard material door. External doors have an advanced thermal resistance than other ordinary doors such as wooden doors, due to the insulating foam core. We offer our customers a vast array of composite doors in multiple styles and colours, we have something for every home or business entrance.

Benefits of a Composite Door

o   Low maintenance

o   More energy efficient

o   Aesthetically pleasing

o   Highly resistant to weathering

o   Solid and robust – able to withstand any knocks and bumps

o   More secure than a traditional timber door

Of course, you want the appearance of your door to look luxurious and gorgeous, but the appearance isn’t all that matters. There are lots of other benefits to composite doors some are listed above but the main benefit is that composite doors are built to last and provide excellent thermal performance and easy maintenance. Unlike other doors, the composite doors do not warp and will never need painting. Composite doors are also designed with security in mind, they are manufactured from robust materials and incorporate security hinges and multi-locking systems to enhance security. Composite doors go with every type of property, there are lots of different designs and the woodgrain finish will match any surroundings. If you are a keen follower of trends composite doors come in many contemporary designs and finishes to bring a modern twist to your home.

Here at Northants Windows, we strive to help you get the best composite doors for your property. We are always on hand to answer any queries, therefore, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via telephone on 01604 945 540 or alternatively head over to our online contact form