If you are based around Northampton and Milton Keynes, Northants Windows can help to guide you towards brand new, beautiful UPVC, aluminium, or double-glazing windows. One reason we stand out from other window companies is we treat each property differently and uniquely, from new builds to listed properties. Fill out an enquiry form today for a quote or call us to discuss our wide range of excellent windows in our portfolio to find out what choice is right for you.

There are a wide variety of options available to choose from when picking new windows for your home. At Northants Windows, we supply high-quality double-glazing windows and UPVC windows. Our expert, specialist team of staff can help guide you through the window buying process and give you the best installation to enhance your home.

High grade double glazing windows

Traditional and Contemporary

In our portfolio of windows, we have traditional and contemporary options for double-glazing, UPVC windows, and UPVC window frames to suit whatever your style preference is. Our high-quality windows can transform your home and give its look a new lease of life. Our extensive choices mean that across Northampton and Milton Keynes you will see plenty of examples of our windows in peoples’ homes.

While there are plenty of style options available for you to choose from, our windows can also make your home more energy-efficient, comfortable, and secure. We offer multi-point high security locking mechanisms on all our windows, along with being shot bolted, to ensure yours and your family’s safety. At Northants Windows, we aim to strike a balance between style, safety, and energy efficiency to guarantee that you get the best window for you.


Windows That Save You Money

A lot of houses in Northampton and Milton Keynes have single glazing windows and are typically losing up to 20% of their heat. Did you know that by replacing single glazed windows with A+ rated double-glazing windows in your home, you could save up to £155 a year on your heating bill*? Overall, our double glazed units let you enjoy a comfier, quieter, and safer home, while saving you money.

Double-glazing windows work is by using two panes of glass separated by argon gas which acts as an insulating barrier. This insulating barrier helps stop heat loss as it is a poor conductor of heat, while the extra pane of glass helps block out outside noise.


*Based on calculations made by the Energy Savings Trust, at March 2016 prices.


Low Maintenance Windows

Our extensive range of UPVC and double-glazing windows do not require constant maintenance to keep their great look. Once they’ve been expertly installed by our team you can enjoy them without worrying about any fading, rot, warp, or rust. After installation, we aim to leave you with windows that keep your home looking pristine and exciting for years to come. We’ll even take away your old windows for recycling, at no extra cost.

Grade A double glazing windows

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